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About the Game

King of the Drills is a turn-based tactical VR game featuring clans of hyper-intelligent moles battling for domination.


The moles have peaked in their technological ventures and strive to increase their intelligence even further by acquiring territory and resources. Each clan is ruled by a Commander Mole, a respected leader who commands their troops from above the battlefield in their command craft.


During the game, the player controls the Commander and a squad of four moles. They alternate between the tactical command view, plotting their strategies and viewing statistics, before switching to one of the squad moles. Here they can move, build cover and use their equipment by spending the action points they have on their turn. There are four mole classes; Infantry, Engineer, Sniper and Tank.


About the Project

Starting as a university project, King of the Drills has gone on to take part in the competition DARE Academy and was demoed at EGX 2019. Our goal is to develop the game even further so it can be released as a full title.